What Should Your Flood Insurance Cover?

When you purchase flood insurance in Cypress, TX, you’ll need to be sure that you have enough coverage to repair or replace your property in the event of a flood. Flood insurance covers your property in the event of a flood. Typically, this is a situation where there is excessive water in an area that is usually dry. To be considered a flood, the event often must cover more than one property or more than two acres. InsureUS will help you decide on the precise types of coverage you need so that you’re protected if a flood occurs. 

As you select flood insurance, it’s important to select coverage for both your building and its contents. Building contents covers your building and any damage that occurs to it. Things like your appliances, furnace, carpeting, and permanent fixtures will be covered under the "building" part of your flood insurance. Contents coverage covers the property and belongings inside the building. Things like your electronics, jewelry, books, and personal property will be covered under the "contents" coverage. To be properly protected, you’ll need both types of coverage. 

If you live in hurricane country, near a lake, or on the shore, you should carry enough flood insurance to protect you in the event of a flooding emergency. Individuals or families in the Cypress, TX area can reach out to InsureUS to learn more about the insurance options that are available. Be prepared with a list of personal property items, as well as an overview of the construction of your property. Your agent can help you estimate how much flooding insurance you’ll need to carry so that you can repair or replace anything that is damaged if you experience a flood. 

Contact a friendly insurance agent today to learn more about flood insurance, how to get covered, and how much insurance you should carry.