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Will motorcycle insurance pay for the repair of my bike if it’s damaged in an accident?

Like car insurance, motorcycle insurance can create peace of mind for motorcycle owners. It’s required in every state except Florida, meaning riders must carry it to drive in most states legally. However, like car insurance, riders are only required to carry liability coverage to drive their motorcycles legally. Our Cypress, TX team at InsureUS is committed to helping motorcycle owners get the coverage they need.

What kind of insurance is legally required to drive a motorcycle in Texas?

It would be best if you carried liability insurance to drive your motorcycle in Texas. However, liability insurance will only cover damage or injury to others, their property, or their cars or motorcycles if you’re found at fault for an accident. Plus, although the state may not require you to carry full coverage motorcycle insurance, your lender will if you are leasing or financing your motorcycle. 

Will motorcycle insurance pay for the repair of my bike if it’s damaged in an accident?

Maybe. Motorcycle insurance will only pay for the repair of your bike if you have collision coverage. Suppose you only have the state’s required liability coverage. In that case, you only have coverage for the repair of another person’s bike, car, or property or to cover medical injuries if you’re found at fault for an accident. However, collision coverage will pay for or cover the repair of your bike if it’s damaged in an accident. Other non-accident situations that damage your bike will be covered by comprehensive coverage, not collision coverage. Comprehensive coverage will pay for damage caused by floods, theft, and vandalism. If you have questions regarding different types of motorcycle insurance coverage, call us. We’d be happy to help you explore your options. 


How much flood insurance do I need?

Purchasing flood insurance is a smart move if you live in an area prone to flooding. But how much flood insurance do you need? This is a critical question for families and businesses in the Cypress, TX area to ask themselves. We at the InsureUS agency are always glad to help answer any questions.

The answer depends on the value of your home and its contents. If you own a home worth $200,000 and its contents are valued at $50,000, you need around $250,000 in flood insurance coverage. This amount would cover the cost of repairing or rebuilding your home and replacing any damaged property inside it.

It’s important to understand that flood insurance doesn’t cover landscaping damage or mold removal. So while $250,000 may seem like a lot of coverage, it may not be enough if there’s extensive damage due to flooding.

When buying flood insurance, ensure enough coverage for your home and its contents so that everything is adequately protected in the event of a flood. Additionally, consider getting additional coverage for expensive items such as jewelry or artwork with high replacement costs that can easily be damaged by flooding. It is important to remember that most homeowners’ policies do not cover floods. If you do not have flood insurance, and a flood hits your home, you may not be covered.

If you have any additional questions about flood insurance, your homeowner’s insurance policy, or any other type of insurance product, give us at InsureUS a call today. We are proud to serve the Cypress, TX area.

RV Winterization Tips for Texas

If you are storing your RV for the winter, there are a few steps you should take to ensure that the RV does not withstand damage due to freezing temps. At InsureUS, we aim to help clients protect their vehicles and other assets in Cypress, TX, and the surrounding areas. Keep reading to learn more about winterizing your RV. 

Why Winterize

To avoid freezing and busting pipes, you should winterize your RV for winter storage. Winterization should be done when temperatures drop into the 40s and 30s. January and February are typically the coldest months.

Drain Your Tanks and Plumbing

The first step to winterizing your RV will be to drain your tanks and plumbing thoroughly. Be sure to empty black and gray tanks at the appropriate dumping stations. When draining the hot water heater, be sure to turn the heater off and allow the water to cool to avoid injuries. 

Run Antifreeze

Once drained, you will want to pump antifreeze through the system. You can bypass the hot water heater on this step. Be sure to consult your RV owner’s manual on the proper steps to take to pump antifreeze through the system. 

You will know the system is fully pumped when antifreeze comes through the faucets and the toilets as well. 

Other Steps

Although winterizing the plumbing is probably the most crucial step, there are also other things you should consider. 

Give your RV a good cleaning before it goes into storage. There’s nothing worse than opening up the RV in the spring to discover something gross that was left behind. 

Remove all personal belongings as well to safeguard them from theft. Keeping your belongings out of view from windows can also deter possible thieves.

If you want to learn about RV insurance, please contact us at InsureUS, serving Cypress, TX, and the surrounding areas.

How Do I Know if I Need Flood Insurance?

Homeowners in Cypress, TX are not legally required to carry flood insurance. However, this is usually required by your mortgage provider when your property is located in an area termed high-risk and especially if the lender is government-backed. Flood insurance is a separate type of coverage from your standard homeowner’s policy. Your InsureUs representative will be more than happy to explain all the differences and your options. 

Even if you do not own your own home, you may need flood insurance, as damages incurred to your property by flooding will not be taken care of if you only have renters’ insurance. Your hazard level is determined by your building’s location on the flood maps created by FEMA and updated every five years. 

Typically, your risk is considered elevated if you are in a zone that has a 1% chance or higher of flooding. Because of the extensive property loss associated with flooding, the related expenses of repairing your home can be severe, in addition to any costs associated with temporary relocation. 

It’s important to note that some low-lying areas may be subject to the sudden appearance of wet water streams during torrential downpours that feature rapidly moving water. Smaller creeks, gullies, and even roadside ditches can all become pathways for rising floods, and it’s essential to be aware of areas prone to 100-year floods. These are regions where rare flooding has been documented, and these events are usually of considerable magnitude. 

InsureUs is pleased to offer various indemnification options for residents of Cypress, TX, and we welcome any questions you may have. Please get in touch with us for further details; we look forward to working with you. 

How Much Renters Insurance Do I Need?

Are you a tenant in Cypress, TX? Do you have renters insurance? You may not own any property, but you need renters insurance to cover your assets and protect yourself when liability claims come calling. Now that you know that renters’ insurance is excellent, how much do you need? The answer isn’t a straightforward one, but InsureUS will guide you through establishing the amount of renters’ insurance you need.

How much personal belongings coverage do I need?

We usually advise our clients to consider renters insurance adequate to replace all their belongings when the worst happens. It would be best to consider the “replacement cost value” when insuring your assets.

However, since most renters don’t have a clue about the assets they own, we recommend you conduct a home inventory to ensure all items in your possession are insured. Once you establish everything you own, you can now talk to your insurer to use the "replacement cost value" for your belongings.

How much liability coverage do I need?

Determining the amount of liability coverage you need can be tricky because you never know the frequency and magnitude of the liability claims. However, you should prepare yourself for the worst. It is better to have sufficient coverage and not use it rather than have insufficient coverage that falls short when you need it most.

We usually advise renters to consider liability coverage of at least $300,000. However, if you have a dangerous pet, are at risk of being sued, or are a high-net-worth individual, we recommend increasing liability coverage by considering umbrella insurance or excess liability coverage.

Learn more about renters’ insurance

The above is just a guide to the amount of renters’ insurance you need. If you need tailor-made advice in Cypress, TX, please contact InsureUS.

5 Common motorcycle claims in Cypress, TX

Motorcycle insurance protects you and your assets. But it can’t prevent accidents.

Riding a motorcycle brings unique risks. Often, remaining aware and diligent on the roadways can help you avoid dangerous situations. That’s why it’s important to identify the primary cause of motorcycle accidents. This minimizes the threat altogether.

With this in mind, InsureUs wants to keep you safe. Located in Cypress, TX, the agency lists five common motorcycle insurance claims and ways to prevent them.

High speeds

Motorcycles can hit top speeds quickly. Yet reckless driving, caused by excessive speeds, results in most motorcycle-related fatalities. Follow all posted speed limit signs. But, even more importantly, wear proper safety gear, like helmets and reflective clothing.

Obstacles on roadway

Speeding makes seeing and avoiding debris difficult. Unexpected objects on the roads, like garbage or rocks, can deal serious damage if left unnoticed. In addition to slowing speeds, remain alert and ready to react at all times.

Distracted Driving

Nothing beats awareness. That’s why distractions, like cell phones and other electronics, make riding even more dangerous. However, this doesn’t just apply to motorcycle riders. All motorists need to eliminate distractions while driving.

Poor Weather Conditions

Being prepared can’t stop bad weather. High winds, heavy rain, and fog can pop up and reduce visibility. Even the smallest distraction or mistake can be critical during inclement weather.

Improper Lane Switching 

Improper left turns are the leading culprit for most motorcycle insurance claims. Lane splitting can be equally problematic. This occurs when a motorcycle rider tries to maneuver through traffic by driving between two lanes.

InsureUS can help

Any accident can be fatal, but motorcycle incidents are especially scary. Although awareness goes a long way, having motorcycle insurance is imperative. Serving Cypress, TX, InsureUS can find the right policy for you. Schedule an appointment immediately.

Reasons You Need Flood Insurance

When you are searching for homeowner’s insurance, there are so many different plans, it can be quite confusing. Then, you might be unsure about whether or not you need flood insurance. 

Here are some reasons why you should get flood insurance. 

You may be required to have flood insurance. If you live in a flood zone, you may be required, by your mortgage lender, to have flood insurance. 

Even if you aren’t required, you may want the extra protection. Even if there isn’t a Presidential Disaster Declaration, your flood insurance will cover the damage that occurs due to flooding. 

Most standard policies don’t cover flooding at all. For this reason, you may want extra protection from flooding. This can cause a lot of damage, which could cost you a lot of money out of your pocket if you don’t have flood insurance. 

Even if you are able to get financial help with a flood, it won’t be enough. Any loans or grants that you may get for living in a disaster zone may only be a few thousand dollars, while you may be looking at tens of thousands of dollars to completely fix your home. 

You may not have a choice when it comes to buying flood insurance. If you live in a flood zone, you may have to have it. However, even if you don’t, you may want to consider it, unless you have tens of thousands of dollars to fix your home in the event of a flood. 

If you have any questions about flood insurance, don’t hesitate to contact us today at InsureUS in Cypress, TX. We will help you find the right insurance for your home. 

RV Insurance: What to Consider During the Off-Season

After you spend all summer coasting around in your RV, it is time to put it up for the winter. As an RV owner in Cypress, TX, you may be curious as to whether it is possible to reduce or eliminate your RV insurance for the off-season. InsureUS wants to share a few things with you about off-season RV insurance.

Keep Full Coverage If Your RV Is Financed

If you are currently paying a loan for your RV, it is highly recommended to maintain full coverage. Further, most financial institutions will require this in the event of a loss. Make sure to purchase full coverage RV insurance when you are financing your recreational vehicle or you may wind up paying more as a result of your lender purchasing insurance for you.

Increase the Deductible Until Warmer Weather

Since your RV will be in storage, you could potentially consider increasing your deductible instead of dropping coverage completely. Of course, it is important to keep in mind that if something does occur to your RV while in storage, you will be responsible for higher out-of-pocket expenses in order to repair it. So, if you decide to increase your deductible, it is imperative that you ensure your budget will allow you to cover any expenses that may arise from a winter emergency.

Cancel Add-on/Optional Coverage Temporarily

If you initially invested in extra optimal coverage, like safety glass replacement or towing and labor, you may want to consider dropping them for the time being. These expenses aren’t high priorities when your recreational vehicle is being stored during the off-season. Just make sure to add these coverages back before you take your RV on the road.  

You have options when it comes to managing your RV insurance during the off-season. If you have any questions, contact InsureUS, serving Cypress, TX, and our insurance experts will be happy to assist you. 

Does Renter’s Insurance Pay for Texas Storm Damage

Everything is bigger in Texas, even, it seems, the storms. It’s worth asking what kind of coverage your renter’s insurance extends to you before winter storms hit to ensure you have the protection you need. 

Does Texas Require Renter’s Insurance?

While the state does not require you to carry renter’s insurance, some landlords will require you to obtain liability coverage.

What Does Renter’s Insurance Cover? 

There are three usual types of renters insurance coverage in Texas, including: 

  • Personal property: Coverage for your things. Not just in your home, this also protects your items against theft while you travel or from your vehicle. 
  • Loss of use: Should a covered loss occur, like a fire, this coverage will cover living expenses for a short period while your rented home is inaccessible during repairs. 
  • Personal liability: Should someone be injured in your rented home, this coverage can pay legal fees if you are deemed liable and brought to court. 

What Types of Damage is Covered by Renter’s Insurance?

Usually, you can expect renter’s insurance to cover the following:

  • Smoke
  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Water damage, with limits. 

Renter’s insurance typically will not cover flooding damage. 

Important Tips for Renters

  • Create a home inventory to ensure your limits are sufficient.
  • Consider extra coverage for any collectibles or expensive items.
  • Get flood insurance. Flooding is a large and ever-growing threat, and renters can access affordable flood insurance. 
  • If you want the replacement value on lost or damaged items, you’ll want to get a ‘replacement cost’ policy; otherwise, you’ll be getting less than what you paid for some things. 

Ready to make the most of affordable rental coverage in Cypress, TX? Call or stop by InsureUS today. Let us help you find peace of mind. 

What Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover?

You live for the moments you can spend with your knees in the breeze as you travel down the road on your motorcycle and because you love your bike, you will want to ensure it is protected properly. One of the ways you can do that very effectively is to have the proper motorcycle insurance in place to protect the investment you have made in your motorcycle. In Cypress, TX, the staff at InsureUS knows all of the requirements and options that are available for you when it comes to motorcycle insurance.

Motorcycle Insurance Requirements in Texas

Because it is a law in Texas that all drivers of any type of motor vehicle on the roadways must have at least a liability insurance policy, motorcyclists must have this minimum insurance in place before heading out on the highway. This type of policy will cover any property damage are injuries that are caused if an accident occurs and you are the one that is at fault.

Underinsured or Uninsured Coverage

Although it’s not required in Texas, it is a good idea to have uninsured or underinsured coverage on your motorcycle to help pay for any damages that are caused by an accident you may become involved in with a driver who has no insurance at all or not enough insurance coverage to cover all of the damages in medical bills incurred.

Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance

If you took out a loan to purchase your beloved motorcycle, you will be required to have a comprehensive motorcycle insurance policy in place to protect the investment that your lender has made in your bike. Even if you paid cash for your bike, this is a great policy to have because it will help to repair or replace your bike if it is damaged in a fire, a tornado or some other natural disaster, or an act of vandalism. This type of coverage will also help replace your bike if it is stolen by someone.

Collision Motorcycle Insurance

Collision insurance coverage we’ll help you pay for any damages that happen to your bike if you collide with another vehicle or even a stationary object of some sort.

Get a Quote Today!

To obtain a quote for motorcycle insurance or two get your policy started, contact the experienced and trusted motorcycle insurance agents at InsureUS in Cypress, TX today!

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