How to prepare your home for summer

The summer season is here already, and your mind is probably on switching summer clothes with winter clothes, planning vacations, hosting barbecues, and lounging at the beach while soaking your skin under the sun. Good plans, but have you thought about your home? Accidents? Damages? Burglaries? Well, summer weather can be pretty extreme, especially in Cypress, TX. Is your home ready for the heat? To help you get your home in tip-top shape, InsureUS shares four tips for preparing your home.

Clean drains and gutters

Cleaning drains and gutters are the last things anyone would want to do before summer. But, ironically, it’s one of the most important tasks that should top your list as it involves clearing the debris and mud that can clog the drains. If ignored, the result is a leaking wall or roof. Gutter cleaning helps lower water damage risks.

Check your air conditioner

The spring season is often associated with favorable temperatures, and you may not need to use the AC. However, you may want to use this opportunity to tune up your air conditioner and ensure everything is working perfectly  before the temperatures shoot up. Clean and replace the air filters for efficient functioning. When the air conditioner works well, a considerable amount of power is saved.

Inspect your yard

Your yard will be a valuable space, especially if you enjoy outdoor activities. So it’s probably time you revisited your landscaping ideas. Most of the winter trees may have been damaged during the storms, but they can be saved. Go through your to-do list before calling a landscaper or arborist to inspect your trees.

Update your home insurance

Don’t forget to check your home insurance. Remember you will be home for a very long time. So, make sure you have enough coverage to protect you against lawsuits and other accidents.

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How can motorcyclists ride defensively on Cypress, TX roads?

Any avid biker would tell you that the best way to avoid accidents is by being disciplined and riding defensively. This is particularly true for new motorcyclists who require an extra dose of vigilance and care when heading out on the vast Cypress, TX roads. Safety begins from the initial preparation, such as wearing the right gear, checking your bike for mechanical problems, and simply following traffic rules. Experts at InsureUS recommend these tips for defensive riding in Texas.

Wear the Right Gear

Safety begins from the basics. Your protective gear is an extension of your bike’s safety gear. So always wear your helmet, gloves, boots, and a robust leather jacket and pants.

Stay Alert

Defensive riding is all about being extra keen about every move and maneuver you make. Just 2 secs of distraction are enough to get you into a terrible accident. Don’t ride a bike if you are unwell, intoxicated, tired, or stressed.

Observe Your Surroundings

Observation is what helps you know what is going on around you. The appropriate use of mirrors and being on the right side of the road allows you to see ahead and behind you and act appropriately. Make sure you also know the potential hazards you’re looking for.

Anticipate and Plan Ahead

Never assume that a motorist is seeing you, and never think every driver will do the right thing. Defensive riding means anticipating what might happen and planning accordingly.

Maximize Your Visibility

Bikers are not always easy to spot, which is why many motorcyclists in Cypress, TX are often advised to wear reflector jackets to Improve visibility. You can also go for a brightly colored bike or wear brightly colored clothes to maximize your visibility on the roads.

Don’t forget to buy motorcycle insurance. Our dedicated team of professionals at InsureUS can help you find a policy that matches your needs. Contact us today.

Do I Need Renters Insurance in Texas?

Perhaps, you are done with college, and it’s time to move out from your parents’ house. Renting comes with freedom and the excitement of experiencing various Texas locales without worrying about mortgages. But don’t make a mistake and think that renting doesn’t come with its responsibilities. Obviously, beyond paying rent, there are other financial responsibilities you have to contend with. 

One of those is renters insurance. Many people overlook renters insurance because they hardly understand the risks of renting. Well, if you are one of those, you need to pay attention to InsureUs, Cypress, TX, on why you need renters insurance.

Why Texas renters should get renters insurance

It has probably cost your blood, sweat, and soul to purchase your personal properties like clothing, electronics, and furniture. Imagine waking up and realizing your personal stuff has evaporated through theft or fire? It’s hard to fathom. But did you know you could get renters insurance to protect your belongings against such unfortunate events? 

Renters insurance comes in handy in the following areas.

Personal property coverage

Renters insurance covers your assets in case of damage or theft. However, be sure to understand the maximum coverage to expect from your renter’s insurance. Why? Your insurance may not cover your assets 100 percent. 

Liability coverage

Did someone get injured in your apartment? Did you cause damage to neighbors’ properties? You don’t have to worry because renters insurance covers medical costs and damages where you are accused of negligence.

Additional living expenses

Perhaps, your home is damaged by fire. You need to live in a hotel where you will typically spend more than you would in your home. In such instances, renter’s insurance comes into play to cover additional living expenses like accommodation and meals.

Renters insurance in Cypress, TX

Don’t be left out in the cold when the unthinkable happens to your apartment. Instead, be wise and talk to InsureUS to get renters insurance to protect you and your belongings.

Three important things to remember when you purchase motorcycle insurance in Texas

As a motorcycle rider, you need to find a motorcycle insurance policy that will protect you financially when you’re out on the roads. At InsureUS, we provide insurance to motorcycle riders in Cypress, TX.

The following are three important things to remember when you purchase motorcycle insurance in Texas. 

Minimum coverage won’t include collision coverage.

You have the option to purchase a few different types of motorcycle coverage. Types of coverage available include liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage.

It’s important to remember that minimum coverage generally only means liability coverage. This is the type of coverage required by law. Minimum liability coverage won’t cover the costs of repairing any damage to your own motorcycle if you’re at fault in an accident. 

Texas has minimum coverage requirements you’ll need to meet.

Liability coverage must meet certain minimum coverage requirements in Texas. Motorcycle riders need to make sure their policy meets minimum coverage requirements in their state. 

It is required that policies have at least $30,000 in coverage for the medical bills of every injured individual involved in an accident. $60,000 total liability coverage is required. Another required is at least $25,000 in property damage coverage. 

A lower deductible amount could mean higher monthly

Before a motorcycle policy begins covering costs, the policyholder has to pay their deductible. A lower deductible is more affordable after a claim is filed. However, policies with lower deductibles tend to cost more in terms of premiums. 

Are you currently on the market for a motorcycle insurance policy in Texas? We can help you meet your insurance needs at InsureUS. Contact us with any questions you have about meeting your motorcycle insurance coverage needs in Cypress, TX. 

Do I need flood insurance in Texas?

If you own your own home in the Cypress, TX area, it continues to be important that you get proper insurance coverage for your home. A way that you can do this is with proper insurance. Depending on your situation, you may need to get flood insurance to protect your property. There are a few reasons why people should get this additional insurance protection in Texas. 

Flood Insurance Protects Property

A key reason that people need to get a flood insurance plan when in Texas is that it can protect their property very well. If you are located near a waterway that has a tendency to flood, there is a risk that your home could be damaged if a bad storm occurs. Fortunately, this risk can be mitigated if you have proper coverage through a flood insurance plan.

Insurance is a Lender Requirement

It is also common for people to need to get flood insurance because it is a requirement set by their lender. If you are located in an area that is deemed to be a flood zone your mortgage lender will want you to get proper insurance coverage. This could mean that you are required to get flood insurance and will have to escrow the payments on a monthly basis. 

If you are in the Cypress, TX area and are wondering about your flood insurance needs, calling InsureUS would be a great option. The team with InsureUS can help you better assess your insurance needs and options. With that guidance, you will be able to determine if you do need to get flood coverage. If you do need or want to have this additional protection, they can also help you build a plan that will ensure you are in compliance and properly covered. 

Do You Need RV Insurance All Year Round?

Living in the Cypress, TX area has its perks and benefits, and one of those is the opportunity to explore the local area and travel the country from a centralized location. But if you’re using the area as a home base and spending a lot of time on adventures, you may want to make sure you have the right type and level of RV insurance. At InsureUS, we can help you go over your policy and see if there are changes that need to be made. Then you can feel good about the policy you have and you’ll be able to focus on the fun of traveling and seeing the sights.

Protecting your RV is valuable and important, so it’s ready to go whenever you are. A lot of people only travel in the summertime, when their children are out of school and they can take some time away from work or other obligations. If that’s how you use your RV, you might be wondering whether you need to keep it insured all year round. It’s not being driven, so why cover it? There are other problems that can occur, though, such as theft or vandalism. You want to be covered for those things, even if you’re not worried about something that could happen out on the road.

Having your RV insurance in effect all year round is the better and safer choice, so you don’t have to worry about your RV during the months you’re not using it. By reaching out to us today at InsureUs, we can help you cover your Cypress, TX RV with a policy that’s going to give you quality coverage. Then you can enjoy your RV, your peace of mind, and all the adventures you’ll have as you travel.

Why do landlords require renters insurance?

If you are in the Cypress, TX area and are looking for a new place to live, renting a home can be a good option. While there are benefits that come with owning a property, those that rent typically will have fewer maintenance needs and have more flexibility. If you are going to rent a property here, you do need to also consider your insurance needs. Most of the time, your landlord will require that you have renters insurance. There are several reasons that they require this. 

Renters Insurance Ensures You Can Pay for Damages

If you ever make a mistake that results in property damage or an injury to another party, you will be responsible for the damages. In some cases, the cost to pay for repairs or medical bills can be significant. Due to this, your landlord will want to ensure you have the financial capacity to cover the costs. By ensuring that you carry renters insurance at all times, your landlord will know you have the financial resources needed to pay for damages. 

Renters Insurance Covers Your Assets

If there is ever a fire or bad storm that causes a lot of damage, it is possible that your personal items could be lost. When you have renters insurance, you will have coverage to repair or replace your items. Landlords will want you to have it as it will ensure you have support to replace your items and will not try to make a claim on their property insurance.

Anyone moving into a new home in the Cypress, TX area should consider their insurance needs. If you are going to get renters insurance, you should call InsureUS. The insurance team at InsureUS can help you better evaluate your renter’s insurance needs and pick a quality policy. 

Different Types of Motorcycle Insurance

When it comes to motorcycles, you must have liability insurance as you would with other moving vehicles. However, liability insurance for your motorcycle only helps you legally, and more coverage may be required to protect your passenger, your motorcycle, and you. Having said this, there are other kinds of motorcycle insurance out there. The following includes those other types of coverage: 

1. Medical Payments

This coverage is for medical expenses for you and your passengers due to injuries from a motorcycle accident. 

2. Collision Coverage

This coverage is for motorcycle damage that came from a collision with a stationary object, another vehicle, or another.

3. Personal Injury Protection 

This is reimbursement of your medical expenses, childcare, lost income, and other out-of-pocket costs occurring from a collision.  

4. Comprehensive Coverage

  This is coverage for damages to your motorcycle resulting from vandalism, flooding, tree damage, theft, a crash with another vehicle, etc. 

5. Towing and Labor

This includes the reimbursement of towing and relatable labor costs if your motorcycle breaks down. 

6. And More

Other types of motorcycle insurance include rental reimbursement, lease loan gap coverage, added or optional equipment, and underinsured and uninsured coverage. 


For more information concerning various types of motorcycle insurance and which one may be the best for you, contact InsureUS today.  Located in Cypress, TX, InsureUS has licensed, local agents who have been serving Cypress, TX and surrounding areas for several years. They work with multiple carriers, so they can find the right policy just for you. 

So, don’t get caught without motorcycle insurance. They are more than happy to assist you. They are locally owned and operated, and you can contact them via phone, email, or at their office. 

What Should Your Flood Insurance Cover?

When you purchase flood insurance in Cypress, TX, you’ll need to be sure that you have enough coverage to repair or replace your property in the event of a flood. Flood insurance covers your property in the event of a flood. Typically, this is a situation where there is excessive water in an area that is usually dry. To be considered a flood, the event often must cover more than one property or more than two acres. InsureUS will help you decide on the precise types of coverage you need so that you’re protected if a flood occurs. 

As you select flood insurance, it’s important to select coverage for both your building and its contents. Building contents covers your building and any damage that occurs to it. Things like your appliances, furnace, carpeting, and permanent fixtures will be covered under the "building" part of your flood insurance. Contents coverage covers the property and belongings inside the building. Things like your electronics, jewelry, books, and personal property will be covered under the "contents" coverage. To be properly protected, you’ll need both types of coverage. 

If you live in hurricane country, near a lake, or on the shore, you should carry enough flood insurance to protect you in the event of a flooding emergency. Individuals or families in the Cypress, TX area can reach out to InsureUS to learn more about the insurance options that are available. Be prepared with a list of personal property items, as well as an overview of the construction of your property. Your agent can help you estimate how much flooding insurance you’ll need to carry so that you can repair or replace anything that is damaged if you experience a flood. 

Contact a friendly insurance agent today to learn more about flood insurance, how to get covered, and how much insurance you should carry. 

Why should I get RV insurance in Cypress?

Owning an RV is a dream for a lot of people in the Cypress, TX area. Those that are in this area and want to explore the rest of Texas and the country will find that owning an RV gives them a reliable mode of transportation that can also double as a place to sleep and relax at the end of the day. If you are going to get an RV here, you should also get an insurance policy for it. 

Covers Your Asset and Investment

One reason that you should get RV insurance for your RV in Cypress is that it can cover your asset and investment. When you purchase an RV, you are going to be making a big investment that you will want to have pay off for years to come. When you get an RV insurance policy, you can receive coverage to protect both the RV and the personal belongings that you store within it.

Gives Liability Protection

Another reason that you should get RV insurance is that it will give you valuable liability protection. RV owners will have unique liability risks that can include risks of causing an accident when driving or having someone injured when visiting you when not on the road. With RV insurance, you will receive coverage for both of these risks. 

It is clearly very important for anyone in the Cypress, TX area to get an RV insurance policy. If you are looking for a new policy here, you should reach out to InsureUS. At InsureUS, the team of dedicated insurance professionals will work very hard to ensure that they understand your risks and personal situation. Based on this, it can be easy for them to find a policy that will cover your needs and give you peace of mind.