Things home insurance won’t cover

Buying a home is something you may have been dreaming of for years. Now that it has happened, you may realize all the risks that your home and you now face. Having the right home insurance can help you to survive many hazards but, unfortunately, not all of them. At InsureUS in Cypress, TX, we bring our customers our years of experience and some of the top carriers in the business. 

Owner neglect

Part of being a homeowner is maintaining your home. Maintenance means a lot of different things. It is a lot more than just making sure your lawn gets mowed. It means making sure when your roof has reached its maximum age, you replace it before your ceilings and walls get damaged. It means treating your home for pests before your home gets damaged. It means being proactive about repairs. If you don’t maintain your home, the insurance company can and probably will refuse to pay for preventable damage. 

Earth movement

When the earth starts to move, it isn’t good for your home. Traditional home insurance doesn’t cover earthquakes, sinkholes, or landslides. If you live in an area where this is an issue, you should be able to purchase a separate policy or a rider for your home insurance to provide this coverage. 


Floods cause an incredible amount of damage every year, and the sad fact is home insurance doesn’t cover surface water flooding. However, you can purchase flood insurance from the NFIP to provide the protection you need. 

This is just a partial list of the exclusions on home insurance policies. You should discuss what the others are with your independent insurance agent. 

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