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Renters Insurance in Texas

For landlords in Cypress, TX, renters insurance doesn’t provide adequate coverage. Renters insurance is designed to protect renters and their belongings, which is why tenants are the ones who pay the premiums on renters insurance policies. It does not protect rental properties from damage while tenants are out at Tin Hall or the Longwood Golf Club. For that type of protection, landlords need to have a dwelling fire policy from an independent insurance agent.

Dwelling Fire Policies Protect Rental Properties

Dwelling fire properties are specifically designed to protect rental properties. Because landlords aren’t responsible for tenants belongings, dwelling fire policies don’t cover personal items. (A policy may insure appliances in a rental property, though, depending on its terms.) Instead, dwelling fire insurance guards against damage caused to the building, itself. The specific hazards covered vary from policy to policy, but they may include things like fire, smoke damage and vandalism.

Independent Insurance Agents Sell Dwelling Fire Insurance

As is the case with other types of insurance, you’ll find the best deal when you purchase dwelling fire insurance from an independent insurance agent who is licensed in Texas. Only an independent agent is able to compare all of the policies offered in Texas and find you the lowest premiums.

Finding an independent agent that carries dwelling fire insurance is easy. Most Cypress, TX renters insurance agents, including those at our insurance agency, also offer dwelling fire policies. If your a landlord and would like more help, feel free to contact us at InsureUS, where all of our agents are independent. One of the Texas-licensed agents at our insurance agency will be happy to assist you.

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