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Commercial insurance FAQs

Many businesses risk being completely overwhelmed by the risks they face. Different companies face different types and levels of risk, but they must be protected from as many of the obvious risks as possible. At InsureUS in Cypress, TX, our team of experienced independent agents can help identify your particular business’s specific needs and make commercial insurance suggestions.

Does my business need workers’ compensation insurance?

Texas does not require private companies to carry workers’ compensation insurance. Just because you don’t have to carry it doesn’t mean it is a good idea not to have it. 

What protection will commercial liability insurance provide?

Commercial liability insurance will protect your business from the ramifications of a lawsuit. It can cover legal expenses and judgment. This can result from being sued by a client, a vendor, or a disgruntled employee. 

Does my business need commercial property insurance even if my building is rented?

Yes, it does. Commercial property insurance covers not only the physical building but also all the things you use to do business. Depending on your type of business, it can be machinery, office equipment, raw materials, inventory, display units, or electronics. 

Does my home-based business need commercial insurance?

If you want to be protected against the many risks that every business faces, you need commercial insurance. Your home insurance will provide only the most essential coverage for your business property. Your home liability insurance will not protect you from liability if customers or clients visit your home. If you use your vehicle for business, you need commercial auto insurance. 

Contact InsureUS in Cypress, TX to discuss your business and the types of commercial insurance that can benefit your business the most. Stop at our office, call us, or reach out through our website. 

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