Wishing you joy and peace!

It’s common these days to complain during the holidays about how commercialized the season has become. In fact, complaining about the holidays has become as much of a tradition as the holidays themselves.

Well let’s break tradition for a moment.

Call it commercial if you want, but when your family members gather around the Christmas tree, each one hopes the gift he gives delights the receiver. Call it commercial, but when you light the last candle of the menorah and give the last gift, you hope you have given light and joy.

We are hoping this year you’ll enjoy the fruits of all your good work for the year. You are appreciated by your family, your employers and your nation.

So this year, maybe we should complain less, delight in the giving more, and then open up our hearts and be thankful for the season — maybe a little commercial but also a lot of fun. Here’s hoping you’ll be joyous!