Staying Safe During Summer Boating Season

When you live in Texas, it’s important to know what to do in order to stay safe throughout boating season. Here’s a lot that you can do and the more you know, the easier it will be to spend time out on the water with confidence that you can keep everyone safe.

Have the Necessary Gear

It’s not as simple as buying a boat and going out on the water. You have to have some gear as well. This includes such things as:

–           Life jackets to fit everyone who will be out with you
–           Navigational gear such as maps and GPS
–           Emergency kit, including first aid and fire extinguisher

All of these are critical and each time you go out on the boat, be sure they are present and in good condition.

Get Trained

Being behind the wheel of a boat is different than driving a car. You want to take a safety course so you know more about the various speed limits that are out there. You can also find out about what the buoys mean and some of the other navigational tools.

It’s not just about learning how to drive a boat, either. Be sure you know how to swim. It can be advantageous to know first aid, as well. This way, should something happen to anyone while you are out on the boat, you can make sure they get the care that they need.

Other Boating Safety Tips

There is plenty that you can do to stay safe this summer. Some other things include:

–           Obtaining a vessel safety check
–           Checking the weather
–           Not drinking aboard the boat
–           Sharing your float plan

Find out how to stay safe during boating season in Cypress, TX today by calling InsureUs.