New ways to twinkle for the holidays

New lines of technology-enhanced decorations are making decorating easier.

1. Color-changing LED Lights from LED wholesalers LED Strip Lights: A flexible strip of LED lights is a great option that is not only more energy-efficient, but also easier to install. These are available in indoor and outdoor models. The indoor strip is approximately 16.4 feet long and contains 150 LED lights.

2. The iTwinkle Christmas tree by GE: The iTwinkle Christmas tree is covered with 500 tiny sparkling lights and 75 LEDs. With a smartphone app, it’s easy to control this Christmas tree’s looks. Choose from more than 1,500 different colors on this 7-foot tall Christmas tree.

3. Holiday Landscape Projector from Sharper Image: This projector is a weatherproof device meant to be positioned in the yard to decorate the outside of the home, or inside to make the walls sparkle with color. This projector puts hundreds of tiny lights all over the walls, indoors or out. The remote allows users to choose from red or green lights, or a mix of both; and it also lets the user choose between flashing light mode, or continuous.